Thursday, October 21, 2010

Working Towards Organization

Ok, so it's no surprise if you know me, to hear that I have a bit of an organizational problem when it comes to my personal space. I want my home to be comfortable and I want to relax when I get there - not clean things! I assume there are others out there that feel this way. And it's not that I can't stay clean...there ARE areas of my home that stay consistently clean for me. Take the bathroom for instance. It absolutely grosses me out to have a dirty bathroom, so I am very aware of putting things back into place there.

I guess what it really is, is that I NEED things in place for me to put them back. They have to have a "place". In the bathroom I have a basket for all my lotions and hair spays. And they stay there! In the living room I have a shoe all the shoes go there. If there is a set place, I can do it!

So I'm doing laundry today. And although I actually enjoy folding laundry (very therapeutic) I just kept letting it pile and pile until today I was forced to because 1. My husband and I have completely run out of every shirt pants and underwear we own and 2. My cat pooped on the clothes. (really? REALLY MOSHE?!). So I've spent my WHOLE DAY doing laundry.

I sit here and think to myself. HOW can I set something up to where this doesn't happen again? And then I realized that Moshe may have pooped divine intervention poop. I am now forced to throw one of the two hampers I have away because of his smelly gift, AND THAT MIGHT HELP ME! I think I let it go for so long because I can. Theres another hamper for it. But if I only have one hamper, its more noticeable quicker that I need to do laundry. And not only that but picking a designated day might work to my advantage too. SO.

1. Keep only one hamper in the bedroom.
2. Do laundry every Monday.

I realize that this isn't really the vibe of my normal blogs, but that's ok! I write what I'm wrestling with. And sometime that might be theological, sometimes a story about my nanny job, or sometimes about being a wife. Who knows. Plus it's worth it to get it out of my mind to save my marriage! ;)

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