Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Praise be to God

O Lord, You are awesome and wonderful.
You are a God of comfort,
a God of compassion
and a God of grace.

I called out to You in my weakest moment,
and You heard my cry.
You held my hand through all my troubles.
When I was already down,
my enemies came to strike me again,
but Your mighty hand defeated those who came to attack me.

You spoke Your words into my heart and my life
and gave me the strength to carry on.
You took me to a place above those who persecute me,
and You trained me so that we could fight them together.
You have brought strength
and joy and laughter back into my life.
You are my Savior and my Rock.

Every time my mouth opens to speak,
I cannot help but praise Your name.
May every word that escapes my lips be glorifying to You.
May every thing I do and say
be an expression of love to Your people.
You have helped me in my time of need,
and so in return, I will help others.

The greatest honor I could ever think of,
is to show the love of Christ to those around me.
Lord, may my ears, my eyes, and my heart,
be opened to the needs of Your people.